28 years
of experience
in building yards

Unistara gives to all its clients all the experience acquired in the building yards in realization of refractory linings in all industrial sectors.

This expericence enables the technical assistants, present in all Unistara branches, to select the best product, to choose the best specialized team for the installation of that particular product and to guarantee a continuous control on the right execution of the job.
Every project is developed by a technical team especially made up on the basis of specific needs and in cooperation with technical services and research laboratories of the most important commercial partners of Unistara: Calderys, Unifrax, P-d Refractories, Skamol etc.
Designing office has 8 CAD designers in force at Genoa main office and at the other branches.


Refractory and insulating material Installing societies to whom Unistara entrusts the realization of the linings

are selected and chosen on the basis of their technical and working reliability and their specialization.
In any case Unistara partner installers must always have qualified and avant guarde equipment and must always be able to handle in a professional way all the aspects of a job.

Unistara Consortium

A group of refactory supplying and services specialized companies merges into Consorzio Unistara.
Consorzio Unistara was born by the need to overcome the difficoulties regarding the subcontract permissions for works for Public Authorities and Big Firms.
Unistara maintains the Reference Point among the consortium members as responsible for designing, realization of the drawings and technical assistance during intallation

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