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The choice of the more suitable product for the realization of a refractory lining depends on such as the correct combination of the different material on the basis of the various thicknesses of the different layers, the type of fuel used and the effluents, the type of use and last but not least the possible availability on the market of more innovative products that could be more suitable for the specified use.
Unistara proposal is majorly based on the most important worldwide brands, selected and distributed as exclusive for the Italian market.
Furthermore, when needed, Unistara technical commercial service selects the most suitable specified products on the market for every industrial sector.

Unistara Spa produces in its warehouse in Fiorano Modenese (Mo) a small range of refractory mortars and special shapes:
Unibond and Blakbond, chemically bonded refractory mortars for the refractory bricks.
Special Shapes, shapes realized in a complete quality range that, due to geometrical complexity or big dimensions, would be difficoult and expensive to produce with dry traditional pressing.
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